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How to hack a social network!

How to hack a social network!

Social networks are communication tools that allow us to connect with the world, share information and experiences. Which you can violate with specific strategies. To do this, we teach you the best practices for hacking a social network.

On our website you can find guides to hack the following social networks:

🕵️ How to hack social networks

The best way to hack a social network is through online programs, It is one of the most favorable options for this objective.😈 Our system stands out for being easy, free and effective.

  1. Go to social network profile of the person you want to hack
  2. Copy the profile link
  3. Paste the link or URL in the space indicated on the website
  4. Press the “Hack” option

🕵️ 2024 Methods to Hack Social Network

There is more! The methods for 2024 have a particularity: ease. From the functions of Google, Facebook or device settings you can find out the data necessary to enter a profile. In this section we show you a list with the best alternatives.

Hack Social Network with

If you want to achieve an effective hacking process, then you must create an ideal environment or scenario. To do this, you can consider creating a fake login or SCAM. To do this, you can use

This page is used for “login phishing”, that is, they are links to web pages that imitate the appearance of real applications. The goal is to trick users into revealing their login credentials to gain authorized access to their online accounts.

⭐ Steps:

  1. Go to the following website
  2. Choose the social network you want to match to create the SCAM
  3. Save the ID or identifying code, to be able to see the passwords and data obtained
  4. Select the shared Blogger or enter a custom one
  5. Select the link to redirect the victim, this feature is only available for premium users
  6. Add the expiration date and click “create”
  7. Finally, send the link to the victim with a compelling message. You can pretend that it comes from well-known companies or services, such as banks, social networks, email providers, etc.

Recover my Facebook account

A special strategy to gain access to the victim's Facebook profile is to use the account recovery features:

  1. Enter the following link:
  2. On the Facebook login page, click the “Forgot your password?” link, located just below the password field.
  3. You will be asked to enter your email address, phone number, username, or full name associated with the Facebook account. Enter the required information and click “Search.”
  4. If you enter the email address, you will receive an email from Facebook with a link to reset your password. If you provide a phone number, you'll receive a text message with a verification code that you can use to reset your password.
  5. Click the link provided in the email or enter the verification code received via text message.
  6. You will be directed to a page where you can reset your password. Enter a new password that meets Facebook's security criteria and confirm it.

This way, you can get access to a Facebook profile. It is important to emphasize that physical access to the victim's device or knowledge of their data or credentials is needed.

Hack Social Network with FraudGTP

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) can be significant to hack a social network. A prominent example is FraudGPT, an AI-powered chatbot specifically designed to facilitate activities such as hacking and fraud.

FraudGPT offers a range of functionalities that can be exploited by cybercriminals for various purposes, including:

  • Generate malicious code intended to infect devices and compromise their security.
  • Compose fraudulent emails and text messages that seek to trick victims into revealing sensitive information or taking harmful actions.
  • Offer advice for creating hacking strategies that are difficult to detect or remedy.

Hack Social Network with saved browser passwords

The Google ecosystem offers an effective tool to steal user passwords and hack social networks. Its about Google password manager, is a built-in feature that allows users to securely store their credentials for different online accounts.

This tool, which is part of Google's security suite, provides the option to autofill login credentials on websites and applications, making it easy to access accounts quickly and securely.

This way, if you have the possibility of taking the victim's mobile device or computer, you can enter the manager and steal their passwords.

Hack Social Network from Wi-Fi browsing log

The internet connection is essential to interact on social networks, but did you know that the router stores valuable information about the victim. Which can help you take control of your personal accounts. We teach you how to:

The goal of this method is to monitor or log network traffic flowing over a Wi-Fi network using network analysis tools (sniffers) or by logging IP addresses.

  • In case you decide to go for a sniffer, You should know that this tool can intercept data packets that are sent and received over the wireless network. This includes information such as URLs visited, data sent and received, and other details about browsing activity. Some sniffers can even reconstruct entire browsing sessions, allowing an observer to see exactly which websites a user has visited and what information they have exchanged.
  • Another alternative is the IP Address, By recording the IP addresses of devices connected to a Wi-Fi network, it is possible to track which devices are accessing which resources on the Internet. When combined with other records, such as Domain Name System (DNS) records, it is possible to infer which websites devices are visiting.

Spy on Social Network from browser history

The web browser can be used to hack social networks. It is a simple and very practical method. It is necessary that you have physical access to the victim's computer or mobile phone.

That's right! You must be very discreet, they should not realize that you reviewed their history.

📱 View history on mobile

  • Open the web browser on your mobile device.
  • Look for the icon or option that says “History”
  • Click this option to access a list of recently visited websites in the browser.
  • Depending on the browser you are using on your mobile device, the exact steps may vary slightly.

💻 View history on your computer

  • Open the web browser you use on your computer, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc.
  • Look for the “History” option in the browser menu bar. This option is usually located at the top of the browser window.
  • Click “History” to open a list of recently visited websites in the browser.
  • You can browse the list of visited websites and click on any of them to visit that site again.

Spy on Google activity

Google has a feature that collects the most important information from users to improve the experience on its platform. The "Google activity” refers to data storage related to a user's interactions with various Google products and services.

This activity can include a wide range of actions performed by the user, such as searching on Google, playing videos on YouTube, viewing maps on Google Maps, using Android applications, interacting with advertisements, among others.

To view this information follow these steps:

  • Sign in to Google account
  • Go to "Data and personalization"
  • Select "My Activity" to view and manage your online interaction history.

Spy on Social Network with find my device

If you want to know where a user is in real time, you can use Google's “find my device” option:

  • Open the browser and go to
  • Sign in with the Google account associated with the device
  • Select the device you want to locate.
  • You'll see its location on a map, as well as options to ring it, lock it, or delete its content remotely.
  • If the device is nearby, you can ring it to find it. If it is far away, you can block it or delete the data.

Spy on Social Network with Google Location

To finish with the strategies of the Google ecosystem, we present you Google Maps Timeline. This feature tracks the victim's location and shows you a timeline of the places they have visited. To be able to spy with this method, follow these steps:

  • Activate location history in Google Maps from your device.
  • Access your timeline from the “Your Chronology” option.
  • View your history by selecting specific day, month or year.
  • Add or edit places manually if necessary.
  • Share your timeline via email, text, or social media.
  • If you decide to delete the timeline, do so from the “Delete timeline” option.

🕵️ What other ways are there to hack?

If the previous options are not enough, then you will like to know that we have prepared a list of alternative ways to breach social networks. However, these methods are more advanced, therefore, you must know about programming and handling specialized software.

Hack Social Network with Cookies

Cookies can be considered as the gateway to a victim's profile. These offer temporary access to certain areas of the website or app. If the user does not clear cookies regularly, then you can use programs or extensions like Cookie editor to steal the information.

Once obtained, you can access all the user's accounts. This can result in identity theft, data theft, and exposure of sensitive information.

Hack Social Network with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can be of great help in creating fake profiles, spread disinformation or launch more sophisticated social engineering attacks. Currently, there are programs that are responsible for analyzing large amounts of data to decipher passwords or propose strategies to steal information from social networks.

Hack Social Network with Malware

If you have knowledge of computing or programming, perhaps malware is an appropriate alternative to hack a social network. This malicious and specialized program could steal login credentials, view saved posts from a social network, and even read conversations within it.

Hack Social Network with Windows Command Prompt

The Windows Command Prompt serves as a tool to hack and take control of social networks found on a computer. On the one hand, you can install malware, such as viruses, trojans or ransomware. In addition, it facilitates the exploitation of vulnerabilities in the operating system or installed applications.

On the other hand, by entering certain codes you can reveal personal files, passwords, histories, or delete all information from the operating system.

Hack Social Network with Trojan

Another good idea to hack a social network is to use a Trojan. Perhaps it is the most popular and effective method. Among the advantages of this type of programs are:

  • Keystroke logs: A Trojan can log your keystrokes to capture social media usernames and passwords when you enter them. This allows the attacker to access the account and perform actions on behalf of the victim.
  • Identity fraud: A Trojan can steal personal information and use it to create fake social media profiles, which can lead to online identity theft.
  • Malware spread: A Trojan can use the social media account to send malicious messages to contacts, thus spreading the malware to other users.
  • Theft of personal information: The Trojans can access private messages, photos, and other personal information stored in the social media account.

Hack Social Network with Virus

Let's imagine that the device is a biological body, a virus would be the best way to alter the structure of the organism. With this type of program you can infiltrate an operating system and perform various actions that benefit your objective: hack a social network.

Generally, they are used to spy, steal data, publish content on behalf of the victim or remove access to the profile.

Hack Social Network with Spyware

Have you seen those movies where hackers can see or read everything their target does? Well, Spyware is practically the same. It is a program in charge of collecting information from a user without their consent.

It can infiltrate devices and systems inadvertently, usually through unauthorized software downloads, phishing emails, or other clever methods.

Hack Social Network with Adware

Damaging the social networking experience is one of the objectives of Adware, it is responsible for flooding the browser with intrusive ads. Whether in the form of pop-ups, banners, or even modifying search results in web browsers.

Beyond simple advertising, adware steals user information through redirects or copying credentials.

Hack Social Network with Ransomware

Considered by many to be the most effective hacking method, it involves encrypting the content of the user's computer or device, thus blocking their access to data and functions. The attacker demands a ransom in exchange for providing a special key to unlock access.

In the context of social media, this can mean complete loss of control over the account, with the attacker demanding a payment to restore access.

Hack Social Network with SQL Injection

If the social network uses a database or you can manipulate it from the device, then the most suitable method for you is SQL injection. It involves inserting malicious SQL code into the input fields of a web application with the aim of manipulating the underlying database and performing unauthorized actions or disclosing sensitive information.

Hack Social Network with DNS Poisoning

In a DNS poisoning attack, an attacker can intercept, modify, or spoof DNS server responses, redirecting users to malicious websites controlled by the attacker instead of the legitimate sites they are trying to visit.

This can lead to users entering sensitive information, such as login credentials, on spoofed sites.

Hack Social Network with Spoofing

This technique is responsible for manipulating the user in order to scam or steal their data.

It is used to falsify or impersonate a legitimate online entity, device, or user. This practice can take various forms, such as “spoofing” IP address, email, caller ID, websites, among others.

Hack Social Network with Hijacking

We have reached the end of the most popular techniques for hacking a social network. To close this list we present data kidnapping or Hijacking. It refers to the act of taking control of an online account, often through hacking or social engineering techniques.

🕵️ How to protect your Social Network account

  • 🔐 Strengthen your password: Create unique and complex passwords for your social media accounts. Consider using passphrases instead of individual words and avoid easily accessible or predictable personal information. Use a password manager to generate and manage strong passwords.
  • 🔐 Enable two-factor authentication (2FA): Enable two-factor authentication whenever available. This adds an extra layer of security by requiring a second verification method, such as a code sent to your mobile phone, along with your password when you log in.
  • 🔐 Keep an eye on your app permissions: Regularly review third-party apps and services that have access to your social media account. Revoke the permissions of any apps you no longer need or that seem suspicious. Limit access to only trusted apps and verify their authenticity before granting permissions.
  • 🔐 Keep your software up to date: Make sure that both your operating system and your social media applications are always up to date. Security updates often fix known vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers.
  • 🔐 Be aware of phishing attacks: Be wary of suspicious emails, links, and direct messages that could try to trick you into revealing your login credentials. Always verify the authenticity of login or personal information requests before responding or clicking on links.
  • 🔐 Set privacy appropriately: Regularly review and adjust the privacy settings of your social media account to control who can see your information and what actions they can take. Limit the visibility of your posts and personal data to only trusted people.

By following these steps, you can improve the security of your social media account and reduce the chances of suffering a hacker attack. Remember that constant vigilance and security education are essential to keeping your information protected online.


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