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Steps to Hack WhatsApp

How to hack WhatsApp from a cell phone

  1. Copy your victim's number
  2. Go to
  3. Paste your victim's number on the box
  4. Finally, hit “Hack”

How to hack WhatsApp from a computer

  1. Enter your victim's WhatsApp from your browser and copy the number
  2. Go to
  3. Paste your victim's number on the box
  4. Finally, hit “Hack”

We all have the WhatsApp app installed on our phones, it is one of the social networks with more users worldwide, and it is almost perfect. In this instant messaging app, you can share audios, videos, documents and chat with people anywhere in the world.

WhatsApp is the best very viable option to communicate with our loved ones, but it has options to keep certain data archived, secret, or private. If you want to find out what your partner, friend or family member is hiding, you should try our system to hack an account without problems.

In this article, we show you the easiest ways to hack a WhatsApp account in minutes and for free.

How to hack WhatsApp in 3 steps?

To hack WhatsApp with our website you will only need to perform 3 essential steps, you must start by opening our page in any browser or on your mobile phone:

Enter our website

Select to hack WhatsApp, then copy and paste the mobile number of the victim you want to hack and hit on the hack button.

Perform verification

After our system has finished, the data will be blocked because a verification must be carried out, for this you can choose between two verifications: references or surveys. These checks are necessary to prevent pages from having bots.

Download the data

Finally, you will be able to see the unlocked WhatsApp data, and you will have access to the WhatsApp account.

It's completely easy, in just 3 steps you could hack a WhatsApp account, now you can comment below how it went.

How to spy on someone's WhatsApp messages?

This way to hack or spy on WhatsApp is very easy to do, but we will need the person's phone:

  • To begin with, we need to have the phone we want to hack, you can use it when the person doesn't notice, and after this click on settings and select "Linked devices"
  • After this, we enter the "WhatsApp web" page from our computer, entering from any browser, this allows you to enter the desktop version. You will see that our browser will show a QR code, this is the code you need to see your victim's messages.
  • Take the victim's phone and scan the QR code, with this you can read all the messages that reach your victim, respond and even play audios or videos.

Hack WhatsApp with backups

Another way to spy on or read the victim's messages is to have access to the backups, but how can I achieve this? Just by having access to the victim's device you can take advantage of the backups.

In this way, you enter the backup options and send the files to your device, in order to access the files that the cell stores of WhatsApp. When you want to encrypt the information you will see the chats, images, audios, among other elements.

It is a free alternative to hack WhatsApp, but it requires persuasion and social skill so that the victim does not suspect your intentions.

Take advantage of WhatsApp Web sessions

As mentioned, WhatsApp has a web version to make it easier for users to send and receive messages while working. You can use that feature to spy and hack WhatsApp.

One of the features of WhatsApp web is to remain active after closing the window, so if the victim on their computer has an open session on their computer, you can see all the information and even answer the messages.

You can even send the messages or materials you've discovered to your chat so you can keep the information.

Hack WhatsApp by exporting the messages

If you want to try another hacking strategy from WhatsApp features, you can export the chats to your drive account to read the victim's messages.

For this procedure you must have access to the victim's cell phone and follow these steps:

  • Select the chat you want to read
  • Press the three dots on the top bar, in the options choose "more"/"export chat"
  • You must indicate whether you want the media files to be present in the export or not
  • After selecting, it will show you the options to share, either Drive, another WhatsApp contact, Gmail, Bluetooth, Telegram, among others.

 You need to be careful with the details to prevent the victim from weaning that someone has exported their messages without their consent.

Hack with

If you want to continue spying on the victim, you can try, a specialized program to record each of the keystrokes that are made on a mobile device, computer or tablet.

Although the program requires a paid subscription, it takes care of doing exactly what it proposes. With this, you can read the response that the victim sends, take screenshots and have control of their conversations on WhatsApp.

You just have to download and install it on your mobile device and even on computers if you have a WhatsApp Web session and start monitoring.

Hack WhatsApp with the Deep Web

A last alternative to hack WhatsApp is to ask for help on the Deep Web, it has been reported on social networks that in this depth of the internet you can find professional hackers who can help you meet your goals.

However, it is not the most recommended method, because it can result in terrifying scams, information thefts and even viruses that expose your privacy.

If you want to hack WhatsApp by hiring services on the Deep Web, it is better that you read some reviews and avoid launching into the unknown and dangerous.

Hack responsibly

The methods and strategies to hack WhatsApp must be used responsibly, it is valid to remember, that hacking is a crime. Therefore, please avoid violating the privacy of a person and exposing their data on the internet.

We hope you can meet your goals and hack a WhatsApp account with our system.


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