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Pasos para Hackear un WiFi

Step 1 to Hack WiFi
How to hack WiFi from a mobile
  1. Enter the WiFi look for the one you want to hack and copy the name
  2. Go to
  3. Paste your victim's link in the box
  4. Finally, hit Hack.
Step 2 to Hack WiFi
How to hack WiFi from a computer
  1. Enter the WiFi look for the one you want to hack and copy the name
  2. Go to
  3. Paste your victim's link in the box
  4. Finally, hit Hack.

Everything you need to know to hack a WI-FI

In an increasingly digitized world, being connected becomes a necessity and not having access to the internet is very scary. However, all is not lost, there are ways to hack your neighbor's or friend's WI-FI and stay connected.

In moments where your internet suffers some altercation, you will already know what methods you use to get out of that situation. And although this idea does not seem to please many neighbors, it will help you in times of despair.

Given that WI-FI has become an important element in today's society, controlling a large part of technologies and appliances, it should not be missing. Therefore, we explain everything you must do to hack a WI-FI network.

Is it possible to hack a WIFI without programs?

Doubts about getting access to the WIFI network diversify from moment to moment, and one of the most common is the possibility of hacking WIFI without programs.

It's possible? Indeed, in some cases you can violate the passwords of a WIFI, but for this you need:

  • Advanced knowledge in Linux, Windows or Mac.
  • Knowledge of specialized computer systems.
  • Break the security of a WIFI network.
  • Decrypt network information.

But do not stress, there is a very easy guide to perform this procedure. There are 2 ways to do it according to the operating system.

Decrypt key in Windows.

  1. On the PC, scroll in the notification area and access the option “Open network and sharing center.”
  2. Once inside the option you must click on the wireless network, which you want to hack or discover its password.
  3. Enter Details and security tabs.
  4. Click on “show characters” and you will discover the password.

Now, let's see the option to discover the password on a Mac device or computer.

Mac computer

  1. In this case it will be necessary to enter Keychain Access which you can find in Lauchpad option “more”.
  2. Once inside the option, it is time to select the box that indicates "systems and passwords".
  3. Then select the network to hack by double clicking.
  4. Now press the “Attributes” option and then select and place a check mark to obtain the password.
  5. Finally, write the password of the MacOs user account and it will indicate the network key

A key piece of information for these processes is to keep in mind that you need the computer of the person you want to Hack. Therefore, although this procedure is feasible, it has a high degree of uncertainty.

In this way, in order to guarantee hacking a WIFI network easily, we present the following alternatives.

hack WIFI passwords

First of all you must find online, in advance, a WIFI analysis tool. Which allows you the following:

  1. Locate networks protected with WEP.
  2. Access to networks that are easy to violate and hack.
  3. Collection of network details.
  4. Find out IP addresses of the router.
  5. Discover network passwords.

The above indicates the importance of this first step, analyzing the WI-FI networks that are around us.

WEP wireless security

By way of information, we want to explain this simple fact to you in order to know everything when hacking. This wireless security algorithm created in 1997 is now obsolete, making it easy to break into.

With the use of an exploit or program you can:

  • Hack the WEP network virtually.
  • Very fast and safe processes.
  • Easily access available networks

Now, do you want to find out which programs are ideal for this action? We offer you a collection of the best to hack WIFI easy.

Programs you need to hack a WIFI

We present some alternatives that will be a refreshing and motivating way to hack a WIFI network without any problem.


First on our list of programs is the powerful netSpot, a wireless network analyst with many amazing features. It is presented as the easiest way to hack a WIFI network.

What advantages can we get from this specialized program? To answer the question, let's describe some aspects of NetSpot:

  • Analyze and locate WEP networks.
  • All you need is a laptop or computer.
  • It presents an effective way to store and find out the information of the radio frequency of your locality.
  • Scan, analyze and detect wireless networks.
  • The "Discovery" analysis mode collects the data that will be used to hack the WIFI.


Another alternative to be able to audit wireless networks and get out of trouble when you don't have WIFI is Aircrak-ng. It is the most popular software in the world that allows us to:

  • Monitor WIFI access points in real time.
  • Carry out active attacks on wireless networks.
  • Discover the passwords.

Kali Linux

It is an excellent alternative with many innovative proposals to measure the security of WIFI networks. With this operating system you will be able to measure security and violate other wireless networks.

  • We specify how to use this program:
  • Install it on the Linux operating system.
  • Launch the program and run some commands to be able to hack WIFI password.
  • If the commands are successful, you will have at your disposal files to violate a network.

Hack wifi with online methods

Wireless networks are considered a necessity today, since they allow thousands of tasks to be carried out from different devices connected to the Internet, and for this they need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Although there are many methods to hack Wifi, including the most popular programs and applications, there is also a method that will allow you to obtain the access key without having to install absolutely everything on your device, and that is to hack Wifi on-line.

That's right, we have developed a practical tool that will allow you to obtain the Wi-Fi access code you want in a very comfortable way and completely online. You just have to execute one of the two options and you will be able to unlock the password.

Option 1: Survey system

If you make the selection of this option, you only have to fill out a small survey with some data and voila! The password download button for the Wi-Fi network you want to access will automatically unlock.

Option 2: Referral System

As one of the options to unlock the password is the referral system, you only have to copy the link to our website and share it with 5 friends so that they can access and use our system.

Once this step is completed, the compromised password download option will be automatically enabled.

Hack WIFI from your mobile.

Finally, we want to recommend 3 applications to be able to hack a WIFI easily and for free from your cell phone.

WPS connect – Decrypt Wifi Keys

Available on Android, it allows you to discover the passwords of any available WIFI network


Available on Android, it allows you to discover the password just by specifying the network to hack, it is one of the best applications.

Wps Wpa Tester Premium

It allows to violate the WPS systems using specialized algorithms to decrypt the PIN.

Be cautious

Knowing how to hack a WIFI network will also allow you to follow tips to protect your own wireless network. Remember that each of these methods must be used with caution without causing damage to third parties.

We hope you can use it responsibly, protecting your privacy and security.


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