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Hack Emails

Hack Emails

Steps to Hack Emails

📱 Explanation to hack Emails from a mobile

  1. Click the three dots
  2. Copy the email address of your victim
  3. Go to
  4. Paste your victim's link into the field
  5. Finally, click on "Hack"

💻 Explanation for hacking Emails from a computer

  1. Copy the email adress of your victim
  2. Go to
  3. Paste your victim's link into the field
  4. Finally, click on "Hack"

Emails have become a usual form of communication, where important data is shared, whether they are labor, academic, legal, or medical, among others. And surely you wanted to find a way to hack a Hotmail or Gmail account.

You will be surprised to find out that you can get an email password easily, quickly and for free. It may seem impossible to achieve, but with the methods that we present on our website you will be able to achieve your goal of getting the login details of anyone you want.

In this way, you will be able to get the information you want, play a prank or even recover an account. We also offer you some tips on how to protect your email account so that you don't become a victim of hackers.

Keep reading to learn how to hack Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo! or any other. Here we go!

Easy tricks to hack Gmail and Hotmail

Some strategies do not require advanced computer knowledge, from beginners to more experienced users can use it to steal information from the victim. In this way, At we have compiled 6 simple methods to hack someone's email easily.

Installing a Keylogger

To hack an email you must rely on all the platforms, programs and applications you can. One of the most common ones to hack an email are Keyloggers, which you install on the victim's computer.

This malware, once activated and placed on the computer, manages to remain in the background, recording any activity of the infected victim's keyboard. With the Keylogger you can get:

  • The victim's passwords and users
  • Read emails that have been received and opened
  • Discover contact list
  • Take screenshots
  • Among other functions

It is a program that records everything the user writes and types on the computer, being a reliable tool for those who want to hack an email. Our best recommendation to hack an email with the installation of a Keylogger is to go to the website

Even though it is not free, you will have excellent options and benefits such as protection, incognito modes and total control of the data.

Using a Trojan Virus

A third more complex option is to use a Trojan virus; however, you must be careful not to get harmed. Follow our recommendations to avoid negative consequences for the victim.

  • Download Trojan virus from a secure web portal
  • When installing the virus, add it to a ".rar" or ".txt" folder.
  • Then, send the file to the victim or personally install it on their computer.

What are the advantages of a Trojan virus to hack an email? When we use a Trojan virus, it will automatically send us the username and password of the person in whom we are interested.

You can also add the virus to other files such as music, games, and books, among others. It is not recommended to add them to .doc files because they can be easily detected by antivirus.

Try to know all the data you put on your PC

For this trick, it is important to have access to the victim's computer or device, to be able to use the information that has been stored, or the available logins to sneak into their email. Another way is to spy when they type their credentials in Gmail and Hotmail and try to replicate the password.

Use Sniffers

Another trick to hack an email is to use a Sniffer, software that allows the user to monitor the traffic of his internet, to capture the data that is in it, for example:

  • Users
  • Passwords
  • History

Sniffers are often used to hack email, Facebook, Twitter, and others. They are also used to hack Wifi, aircrack, aireplay, airmon, among other programs.


One last trick to hack an email is to perform an email trap, a social strategy where you do not need to download or enter a platform. You only need a good convincing text and a credible email address.

You can impersonate Gmail, Hotmail, or an advisor and send the victim, "We're checking passwords, please send us yours."

Keep in mind that very few people will fall into this trap. One solution could be to send a message with a link to a website and tell it to register there, creating an Xploits.

How to hack an email with Xploits?

HACK gmail
  1. Make sure you are on the website
  2. Save the identifier, so you can access the data obtained at any time. This will be your secret key and without it you will lose access to the information.
  3. Select the link of your choice in the Blogger section. This cannot be modified; you can only select from the available options.
  4. Select the page that will redirect the link when you get the data.
  5. Choose an expiration date, the link will work until the day you choose.
  6. Click on the "Create Xploit" button and wait for the link to be generated.
  7. Send it to the people you want to hack and wait patiently.
  8. By clicking on the link, the victim will enter their details to access the trap page.
HACK gmail free

If you want to access an email account by applying remote vulnerability programs or software, you should try Xploits. Which are computer programs that take advantage of failures in the platform to steal information.

Particularly allows you to create a script or website with fake logins to take advantage of users' credentials. You just must follow the steps and generate a website like the original, be it Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo!, among others.

Then send it to the victim, accompanied by a message that gives confidence and clears doubts about vulnerabilities. If the victim enters their data, you can find the captured passwords under "Data obtained". Ready, you know how to hack an email online!

Crack email passwords

There are still a few strategies left to help you hack an email, it's all about trying to crack or discover email passwords. For this task, the Google password manager or a remote password cracker will be useful.

Google Password Manager

If you have access to the victim's computer or mobile device, you can access Password Manager from the browser and see the passwords they have stored. Browse until you find the platform to hack, then, in the view icon, you will see the password.

Password cracker

There are a large number of programs that claim to crack users' passwords, although they have a particular range of effectiveness, they can give you a clue to the victim's credentials.

Spy on your victim to hack Email

We would all like to have the secret information and access data to the accounts of the person we are interested in, we are going to give you some recommendations and tricks so that you can achieve it, and everything consists of obtaining personal information through the browser's features. and from Google.

Hack Email from Wi-Fi browsing log

Trying to gain unauthorized access to another person's Email account by taking advantage of the activity log of a Wi-Fi network is a strategy that is based on using the information stored in the Wi-Fi router while a user browses the web.

The Wi-Fi router always keeps a record of all web pages visited from devices connected to it, which includes Email pages.

Therefore, if you manage to gain access to the administration panel of the victim's router, you can review their history and try to access their Email relatively easily.

Therefore, if you gain access to the administration panel of the victim's router, you can examine their history and try to hack their Email relatively easily.

Hack Email with Google Activity

Cybercriminals are very effective at accessing Gmail accounts, when they manage to obtain the data collected by Google from the online activities of the affected person. In this information they can find all the web pages searched, the conversations they have had, some personal data such as stored passwords and everything that may be of interest to you.

Once they have all this important and confidential information, many hackers try to steal or guess the password of the malicious Email account so that the victim ends up clicking on a fraudulent link.

⭐ How does this strategy operate?

  1. To hack a Gmail account through the activity registered in Google, it is necessary to have access to the devices of the person of interest. It is essential that these devices are associated with your Google account, as this will allow you to record the websites visited and make it easier to obtain your credentials.
  2. If the victim meets these requirements, you can go to the following address: "My Activity“ From there you will have full access to log activity, controls and details relating to the websites you visited during your browsing.

One of the tactics most frequently used by hackers to obtain Email accounts involves taking advantage of the data collected by Google following the online actions of the affected person. This information includes searches performed, web pages visited and, especially, personal data and stored passwords.

After obtaining this information, many hackers choose to try to steal or guess the email account password of the affected person. They then send emails with deceptive messages asking you to connect to email using a fraudulent link.

Hack Email from browser history

To access the log or browsing history of your victim and obtain information about all the browsing they have had at a certain time, you must follow the instructions corresponding to the browser you are using. The online activity log generally keeps a complete history of all actions on the web, including access to your Email.

In other words, if your target has recently logged into their Email account, you can perfectly investigate their browsing history, there is a lot of important data that you can find in it.

Spy on where your victim is from a mobile location

A very effective strategy to carry out monitoring and discover possible weak points in the security of a Gmail account is when the hacker takes advantage of the geolocation information offered by Google in relation to a mobile device.

This type of activity is carried out by sending emails that contain misleading links, with the purpose of inducing the recipient to click on them and access their Email account.

For this strategy to be effective, it is necessary to gain access to the Google account of the person in question. This can be achieved in several ways, either with the consent and knowledge of the affected person, through phishing and credential theft, or through unauthorized methods such as phishing or keylogging.

⭐ The steps to follow are described below:

  1. Use the function "Find your phone" and select the person's device. Using this option, you can view the location of the device, lock it, delete its content or activate an alarm. To access this feature, use the link provided: "Find your phone"
  2. Hackers generally use this information with the purpose of blocking the mobile and then asking for a ransom to unlock it.
  3. Another tip could involve activating the device's alarm function and subsequently communicating with the person posing as authorized technical personnel who requires them to provide the Email password to resolve an alleged problem.

Track a device with Timeline Google

In today's digital age, the ability to track the location of a mobile device has become an essential tool for both personal security and efficient resource management. Google offers a powerful solution for this need through its feature called “Timeline", which allows detailed tracking of a device's location over time. Below we will explore how to use this feature and how it can be useful in different situations.

What is Google Timeline?

Google Timeline is a feature that records and stores the location of a mobile device over time. This feature tracks places visited, routes taken and stops made, creating a complete movement history. To access Timeline, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Settings app on your mobile device.
  2. Select "Google" and tap "Manage your Google Account."
  3. Next, choose "Data and personalization."
  4. Under "Activity & Timeline," select "Location History."
  5. Enable the location history option.

Practical Uses of Google Timeline:

  1. One of the most common applications of Timeline is to keep track of the location of family members, especially in security situations or to stay in touch.
  2. Recovery of Lost or Stolen Devices: In case of loss or theft, Timeline can help you track the location of your device and increase the chances of recovery.
  3. Record of Personal Activities: You can use this feature to keep a personal record of your victim's activities, such as travel routes or places visited during vacations or outings with friends.

Privacy and Security:

Google Timeline is a valuable tool to track the location of a mobile device and know what its journey has been and the places where it has been.

Whether it's keeping in touch with family members or keeping a detailed record of movements that can be very useful in a variety of situations.

Security recommendations to avoid an Email hack

It is essential to take appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access to your email account. Here we offer you key recommendations:

  1. Create a Strong and Unique Password: Choose a strong password that combines uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Avoid using obvious personal information, such as dates of birth or common names.
  2. Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Enable two-factor authentication whenever possible. This extra layer of security requires a second verification step, such as a code sent to your mobile phone, to access your account.
  3. Keep your Password Secret: Never share your password with anyone and avoid using the same password on multiple accounts. Change your password periodically for greater security.
  4. Be Cautious of Links and Attachments: Be wary of suspicious links in emails and messages, especially if they come from unknown senders. Do not download or open attachments from untrustworthy sources.
  5. Keep your Software Updated: Regularly update your browser and operating system. Updates often include important security patches that protect your device from potential vulnerabilities.

It is important to remember that unauthorized access to email accounts is illegal and carries legal penalties. These recommendations are provided to inform and protect you and your contacts, as well as to help you evaluate and improve the security of your own online profile.


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