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Hack LinkedIn

Hack LinkedIn

Steps to Hack a LinkedIn

Step 1 to Hack LinkedIn
How to hack LinkedIn from a mobile
  1. Enter the LinkedIn app, look for the profile you want to hack and click on the three dots after copying the link
  2. Ir a
  3. Paste your victim's link in the box
  4. Finally, hit Hack.
Step 2 to Hack LinkedIn
How to Hack LinkedIn from a Computer
  1. Enter your victim's LinkedIn from your browser, and copy the link
  2. Go to
  3. Paste your victim's link in the box
  4. Finally, hit Hack.

Today in this article, we will teach you some of the most used techniques to be able to violate the Linkedin profile of another person, as there are also techniques that serve to capture everything that the user types on their computer keyboard and uses that information to be able to know the passwords.

Hack Linkedin with keyloggers

Among the many tools to hack Easy Linkedin, is the Keylogger. These are programs that can be installed on a person's computer or Smartphone. It is used to spy on the activities that have this and everything you type on the keyboard of your device.

It is one of the best techniques used by hackers, since everything that can be typed on the keyboard of the computer or the Smartphone will be able to be decrypted, it does not matter if they are the passwords of social networks or the access credentials to bank services.

All the most sophisticated Keyloggers not only serve to record what a person types on their keyboard, but can also send information to crackers, who can carry out their task from a distance.

  • After the Keyloggers have monitored all the activity of the person who wants to hack Linkedin, the cracker will be able to approach your computer and access all the information that has been recorded by the software, copying it to a USB stick or either on an external hard drive.

Hack Linkedin with spy apps from a Smartphone

Spy apps can be installed on many smartphones as well as tablets.

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These will track all the activity that a person has, for example everything that has been typed on the keyboard, the applications that are used, the list of incoming and outgoing calls, among others.

All the information collected will go to the crackers who will act without being disturbed, in such a way that they will remain anonymous. Social networks are the first accounts to be compromised with this type of trick, as is the case with Linkedin

  • And even the applications that are designed for legitimate purposes, such as anti-theft or parental control applications, which could be used to be able to locate the person and spy on all the activities that they have on their Smartphone.

hack linkedin with social engineering

Another famous technique used to hack Linkedin and that is widely talked about today is what is known as social engineering.

Since when a system is believed to be secure enough to allow any kind of security hole, the only way to attack the person is to perform the same attack, to do so social engineering involves many different activities and behaviors.

  • The most common thing is that people who use this technique to hack Linkedin, use stratagems to get hold of the person's Smartphone, perhaps looking for an excuse, for example: "My phone has been left behind." no battery, could you lend me yours to make an urgent call”.
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Already when this happens, the hacker will have in his hands all the confidential information of the device.

Hack Linkedin with Phishing

Phishing is another great technique that people use a lot to hack LinkedIn accounts, being very effective in achieving its goal.

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This identity theft is carried out by sending emails from banks, public institutions or internet service providers, among others.

These emails are fake and contain links to websites that appear to be authentic and correspond to the institutions they claim to be.

  • These websites invite people to enter all their access credentials and in this way, hackers will easily obtain the username as well as the password of an account or of a certain service.
  • It is very easy for hackers to perform this type of trick, but it is also that easy to defend against it, all you have to do is ignore the fake emails they send us and do not click on the links they contain.

Hack Linkedin with the passwords that are stored in the browser

Another trick that people who want to hack a Linkedin account often use is through the passwords that are stored in the database of the browsers that the person uses and thus access the accounts.

The browsers that are very popular and are currently used, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, among others.

They have the possibility of saving all the access information of a person, so that later they do not have to retype them manually but can be accessed directly in the account.

how to hack linkedin

Although it is very convenient to use this option to access accounts easily, it tends to be dangerous, since a hacker could have access to this information and thus immediately enter the Linkedin profile, another social network and even to the bank.

If you manage to gain access to the computer of the person you want to hack, enter the following address: where you can see the saved passwords.

Just follow the steps detailed below:

  • In the Chrome configuration options, we find the list of passwords stored in this browser. To access it, we just have to open a tab and go to the configuration section.
  • Once inside, we access the configuration options and in the autocomplete menu we see access to passwords.
  • We then see the list of usernames/passwords that have been saved at some point.
  • For security reasons, the display of passwords appears in hidden mode, but if we want to see the content, we simply have to select the eye-shaped icon, or to the right of it, a small menu that allows us to delete it or see the details.


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