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Hack TikTok 🕵

Hack TikTok 🕵

Steps to Hack TikTok

📱 How to hack TikTok from mobile

  1. Enter the TikTok app, find the profile you want to hack and copy the user's user or link
  2. Go to
  3. Paste the username of your victim into the box
  4. Finally, hit "Hack"

💻 How to hack TikTok from a computer

  1. Enter your victim's TikTok from your browser and copy the link or just the username
  2. Go to
  3. Paste your victim's username into the box
  4. Finally, hit "Hack"

TikTok has positioned itself as the top social network since the beginning of 2020, having a large community of users and content creators. But this popularity awakens an interest in Internet users: the desire to learn how to hack a TikTok account.

Surely you have read many pages without finding the answer you want, here are several simple and effective solutions. If you follow the steps that we share below, you can have the access data of the person you want to hack.

We also want to help you to be aware of the traps that exist to hack a TikTok Online, please read on!

Hack TikTok account with SCAM

According to many experts, Xploits are one of the best ways to hack TikTok, this method is based on a computer attack on any application or social network taking advantage of its weaknesses.

That is, a software capable of controlling and stealing data from a specific system, that is, if you have a tool to achieve your goals. If you want to hack TikTok with this strategy we suggest you to use

This website presents a deception technique where you impersonate the TikTok platform to obtain your victim's access data. Best of all, you don't have to know anything about programming or anything like that, the website itself provides you with the tool.

Step by step to steal TikTok accounts for free with Xploits

This tool is free and very easy to use, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Write down your ID in case you need it later.
  3. Select the URL you want to use to trick your victim. When you visit this address, you will see an interface very similar to that of TikTok.
  4. "Redirects to..." refers to the page that the victim will be redirected, we recommend that it be a Google site so that you believe that there was an error in the browser.
  5. You can also select an expiration date.
  6. Click "Create Xploit" and below you have the link that you are going to use to deceive the victim. Just make sure you're trying to get into TikTok from that link (we'll give you some ideas later).
  7. You can send this link by any means that you see fit.

Next to the "Xploits generated" button there is another button called "Data obtained". If you click there you will find the data that you have managed to get the victim to share with you.

How to hack successfully

The hardest part will be getting the person into your TikTok account through this link. There are many ways to do this:

  • Send a private message telling them to open their account from this link to see your latest post (you can head to your post).
  • Send an anonymous message, from a known account, offering some benefit when entering TikTok through this link. More than offering a prize that nobody believes, it is best to promise that through that link you can see something that interests you: news, download the latest chapter of your favorite series, etc.
  • Direct access, turn the link into a fake TikTok access, you just have to right-click and press "Save as", put it as TikTok name to make it more credible and save it. Then you put it as a shortcut and change the browser icon to TikTok.

Hack TikTok from the Browser

You do not need to use spy or specialized programs to succeed in the mission, from the options that the browser integrates you can start hacking a TikTok account. Let's look at some simple strategies you can apply:

Hack TikTok with Google Password Manager

One of the most common options to hack a TikTok account is to discover the credentials in Google Manager For this method, you will need to have physical access to the victim's device/computer and log into the link or Google account to know their credentials.

You must explore between the saved accounts until you find TikTok, in case the account is not there, you can try Facebook and log in to the application with the link.

Hack TikTok with "Forgot your password?"

Another alternative you can try to hack a TikTok account without downloading apps is to log into the TikTok startup and reset the password. It seems like a complicated mission, but it's actually simple.

For this strategy you need to know the victim's email and have access to it to know the reset code. The steps to reset the TikTok password are:

  1.  Enter your TikTok affiliated email, username, or phone number
  2. Tap "Forgot password?"
  3. Choose the reset option:
  • Link to email
  • Text message
  • Backup email
  • Security Questions
  1. If you manage to access the codes sent to the establishment options, you can change the password

How to hack TikTok accounts with the username?

Another way to hack a TikTok account is through our web portal where you only need internet access and know the victim's user on TikTok.

 We put at your disposal a software in which you can place the user of your victim and by just clicking on "Hack" you start the process. The page won't release your access data as quickly, you need to first take a survey or get 5 friends as referrals to unlock your data.

Once the verification process is done on the method of your preference, you will be able to log to the hacked TikTok account.

 How to hack TikTok with

A final alternative to hack TikTok accounts is to use specialized programs in spying and logging information. One of the most popular is It is a program that allows you to record everything that the user writes on the computer.

This way, you'll be able to know everything you're typing on your social networks and anywhere else on your computer as long as you use the keyboard. If you want to hack TikTok accounts, you just have to install this program on the victim's computer. is designed to remain hidden and protected so no one can suspect you're watching it. As soon as the victim enters their TikTok account with their credentials, they will already have their login details in your possession, to enter whenever you want.

Have you understood how to hack a TikTok account? Don't waste any more time looking for tricks and methods elsewhere, these are the best alternatives.

Spy on your victim to Hack TikTok

Would you like to be able to hack TikTok and see all of a user's content or drafts? 😈 In this section we show you some methods to violate this popular social network easily and for free.

Hack TikTok from Wifi browsing log

Hack TikTok from the Wifi browsing log It is a technique to obtain the password of a TikTok account through the interception of data that is sent and received over the wireless network.

😮 The process to hack TikTok from the Wifi browsing log would be as follows:

  • The hacker must be close to the victim's router or device, and connect to the same Wi-Fi network as them.
  • The hacker must use a sniffing tool, which allows him to capture and analyze data packets circulating through the network.
  • The hacker must filter the data packets that correspond to TikTok traffic, and search among them for those that contain sensitive information, such as the username, password or session token. These packets may or may not be encrypted, depending on the security level of the network and the application.
  • If the packets are encrypted, the hacker should attempt to decrypt them using a cracking tool, which allows them to break the encryption key or algorithm.
  • If the packets are not encrypted, or if the hacker manages to decrypt them, he can extract the information he needs to access the victim's TikTok account.

Hack TikTok with Google Activity

One of the possible ways to get the password for a TikTok account is to take advantage of the browsing history that is stored in the Google account linked to the device of the person you want to spy on.

How does it work?

To hack with this method, you need to access the person's device, either physically or through spyware or a remote keylogger. Then you have to open the device's web browser and enter My Activity

It is important that you log in with the victim's Google account, if it isn't already. Then go to the Web and App Activity section, where you can see the browsing history and queries made by the person.

Once inside, you should search the history for any entries related to TikTok, such as access to the official TikTok website or a help or technical support page.

Hack TikTok from browser history

A good strategy to hack Tiktok is from the browser history, this way you can obtain the victim's password or be able to take an active session of their TikTok account.

📱 Here are the steps to hack TikTok from browser history:

  1. Gain access to the victim's device: The hacker needs to have access to the victim's device, either physically or through a spy app or remote keylogger.
  2. Open the web browser and access Google: The hacker must open the device's web browser and access the Google page.
  3. Sign in with the victim's Google account: If the victim is not logged into their Google account, the hacker must log in using the victim's credentials.
  4. Go to the Activity section on the Web and in Applications: The hacker must go to the Web and App Activity section in the Google account. Here you will be able to see the browsing history and searches performed by the victim.
  5. Search for entries related to TikTok: The hacker should search your browsing history for entries related to TikTok, such as access to the official TikTok website or any help or support page.
  6. View details sections: Next to each history entry, the hacker will find a Details icon. By clicking on this icon, you will be able to see relevant information such as the username, password, or email associated with the victim's TikTok account.

Spy on where your victim is from a mobile location

The location of a cell phone is very useful information to be able to spy on and hack a TikTok account. Through Google you can obtain a record of the location of devices that are linked to a Google account, and thus control devices remotely.

This way you can steal or guess the person's TikTok password, or to send them fake emails or messages asking them to log in to TikTok from a malicious link.

To spy on a cell phone, hackers need to have access to the person's Google account, either through the assumption of their credentials, or through methods such as phishing or keylogging. After having this access, you must follow these steps:

  • Open a web browser on a device and go to the “Find your Phone" of Google.
  • Sign in with the Google account associated with the mobile phone you want to track.
  • Once you're signed in, you'll be able to see a list of devices associated with your Google Account.
  • Select the device you want to track. If the device is turned on and connected to the Internet, you will be able to see its location on the map.
  • In addition to location, you will also have options to perform actions such as ringing the device, locking it, or erasing its contents remotely.

Track a device with Timeline Google

One last strategy to spy and hack TikTok is to use Google Timeline, This is a feature that records and saves the location of a mobile device while it is logged into a Google account.

Through Timeline, you can track the location of the victim's device in a given period of time. To use Timeline to track a device with Google, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your device is linked to a Google account and has location enabled.
  2. In a web browser, go to the Google Maps page.
  3. Sign in with the same Google account that is associated with the device you want to track.
  4. At the top left of the screen, click on the menu (icon with three horizontal lines) and look for the option “Your chronology” or “Your Timeline” (depending on the language).
  5. On the Timeline page, you'll be able to see a record of the locations where your device has been while signed in to your Google account. You can select a specific date to view location history for that day.

Security recommendations to avoid a TikTok hack

  • ⚠️ Use strong passwords: Create unique and strong passwords for your TikTok account. Avoid using obvious or easy-to-guess passwords.
  • ⚠️ Enable two-factor authentication: Activate two-factor authentication on your TikTok account. This will provide an additional layer of security by requiring an additional verification code upon login.
  • ⚠️ Keep your device safe: Make sure you have an updated antivirus on your mobile device and avoid downloading apps from untrustworthy sources.
  • ⚠️ Set your account privacy: Review and adjust the privacy settings of your TikTok account to control who can view and comment on your videos.

Remember that online security is important, and it is essential to take steps to protect your account and personal information on TikTok.


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