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Hack Twitter 🕵

Hack Twitter 🕵

Steps to Hack Twitter

How to hack Twitter from a Smartphone

  1. Copy your victim's username
  2. Go to
  3. Paste your victim's username or link into the box
  4. Finally, hit Hack.

How to hack Twitter from a PC

  1. Enter your victim's Twitter from your browser and copy the username or link
  2. Go to
  3. Paste your victim's Twitter user or link into the box
  4. Finally, hit "Hack"

Twitter is one of the most famous social networks, this platform is used to share our thoughts in the form of "tweets" in addition to reading, responding or retweeting the comments of other users.

Thousands of personal and even private data are shared on Twitter, in this way, Internet users wonder if it is possible to hack a Twitter account. Indeed, Twitter can be hacked from our free platform.

Also, we teach you some tricks that can be useful to meet your goals. Let's go! 😈

What can I hack a Twitter account for?

Why would you want to hack a Twitter account? It is very simple, to see the hidden messages and tweets of another person. But in this section, we show you the most common reasons why many decide to hack Twitter.

  • If you have a friend who hides something, you can hack their account to see the truth.
  • You may want to know if your girlfriend or boyfriend is being unfaithful to you, so you can see their messages.
  • If your family uses Twitter, you can resolve family conflicts or you can recover the account of someone who doesn't remember your password.

How to hack Twitter account without programs: Step by step

To get started in the hacker world, you must understand that our system is the most effective you will find. You can do it from anywhere, just follow these simple steps:

Choose your device

Start by choosing the device to hack Twitter, it can be any mobile device, tablet, PC, or laptop. The essential thing is that you have an internet connection.

Enter our website

Then enter our website to select the "Hack Twitter" section. After entering this section, you will have to open your Twitter account and look for the person you want to hack, copy and paste their username into the corresponding bar.

Click "Hack"

After you have copied and pasted the user click on "hack", after this, our console will work until you get the data you need, you will have to wait a few minutes.

Perform verification

Now you will have to do any verification you want, to unlock the Twitter data, you will have to choose between two options: references and survey.

Not clear?  If you have any questions you can ask in the comments section or continue reading this guide.

Hack Twitter with Xploits

  1. Make sure you are on the website
  2. Save the identifier, so you can access the data obtained at any time. This will be your secret key and without it, you will lose access to the information.
  3. Select the link of your choice in the Blogger section. This cannot be modified; you can only select from the available options.
  4. Select the page that will redirect the link when you get the data.
  5. Choose an expiration date, the link will work until the day you choose.
  6. Click on the "Create Xploit" button and wait for the link to be generated.
  7. Send it to the people you want to hack and wait patiently.
  8. By clicking on the link, the victim will enter their details to access the trap page.

One of the most effective methods of hacking a Twitter account is Phishing, i.e., tricking the victim by posing as others or companies to steal their information. Although it sounds complex, it is really simple thanks to the Xploits.

Twitter hacking Xploits are computer programs that create fake web pages with the same appearance as the social network. The person will think that he is on the right platform and by starting his data in the link he will be able to obtain his email and password.

It is a simple and free technique, but it has a complication, you must apply this technique with great cunning so that the user is interested in entering their data.

Here are some ways to apply Xploits:

  • Personal messages: You can ask the victim to help you or share material important to you.
  • Institutional message: that is, you must impersonate Twitter inciting you to enter the platform to get incredible benefits
  • Create a shortcut: you can hide the fake link as a shortcut to Twitter, when the victim enters from this access you can register their data.

Hack Twitter with

Another strategy to hack Twitter are the Keyloggers, this specialized program is responsible for recording each of the keystrokes and clicks that the user makes on his computer or mobile phone.

Among so many Keylogger options that exist in the market, we propose you to use It is a great program that in its Premium version allows you to monitor the device without being detected.

This is because the program works in the background, therefore, when installing it on the device the victim will not notice it. Also, you are in control of the data, you can tell how to monitor and what actions to take to hack Twitter.

One of the benefits of is to obtain the victim's credentials when they enter the social network. This way, you can know the email and password and log in whenever you want.

We hope that these strategies will be useful to you to be able to hack a Twitter account or be wary of hacker attacks that may be executed against you. We suggest that you use these techniques responsibly to avoid legal charges and damages. 🙌


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