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Hack YouTube 🕵

Hack YouTube 🕵

Steps to Hack YouTube

📱 Explanation to hack YouTube from a mobile

  1. Click the three dots
  2. Copy link to profile
  3. Go to
  4. Paste your victim's link into the box
  5. Finally, click on "Hack"

💻 Explanation for hacking YouTube from a computer

  1. Enter your victim's Facebook from the browser, and copy the link
  2. Go to
  3. Paste your victim's link into the box
  4. Finally, click on "Hack"

YouTube is currently the most used video platform in the world, although it does not contain as much personal data as other social networks such as Facebook, it can have a lot of information, especially if the user is considered a Youtuber or content creator on this platform.

Interested in how to hack a YouTube account? You just need to follow the step-by-step instructions so as not to fail in the process. Then, you will be able to access information such as the metrics of the videos, how much money they earn for their videos, the ads they have accepted, the tags, among other details.

😈 Find out below how to hack YouTube, you will find methods explained to succeed in your goal.

How to hack a YouTube account with Xploits?

One of the most important and popular methods to hack YouTube is to create fake links with Xploits. So, anyone can hack YouTube if you complement it with a little social engineering and phishing.

Below, we summarize the steps to hack YouTube with Xploits:

HACK youtube easy
  1. The first thing we need to do is enter
  2. You must copy the identifier that is displayed to be able to enter the obtained data.
  3. Select from the available Bloggers or create a custom one
  4. Choose a link from a YouTube video or a Google image where the victim will be directed. We recommend that it be a link that may interest you or get your attention.
  5. Select the expiration date and click "create Xploit"
  6. The next step is to send it by any means where the victim can open it from their cell phones, such as WhatsApp, Messenger, or Telegram.
  7. Now you need to wait for the person to enter the link. The program will force you to log out of YouTube and you will have to log in again, but this time our tool will record the data and allow us to see it.
  8. In the control panel of the tool, you will be able to see the login details, which you can use to access your account.
HACK youtube free

And that's it! With these steps, you can hack YouTube stealing user data. In some cases, Google sends a message that they have entered your account, you will have time until you can deny this access to observe what you need.

Hack a YouTube account with the browser

You don't need to download specialized apps or programs to be able to hack a YouTube account.  To do this, you can use the options of the browser or platform in question. It is essential that you correctly follow the following steps to be victorious.

Hack YouTube with "forgot your password?"

The first strategy to hack YouTube without having to download programs is to reset the victim's password. For this method, it is important that you can access the victim's computer/device or have access to their email.

However, to reset the password, you must perform the following actions:

  • Sign into your Google Account
  • Enter the victim's email
  • Tap the Forgot your password? Or enter Reset Account
  • Choose the options to reset the password: recovery email or SMS to the affiliate number of the account
  • If you have access to the victim's cell phone you can read the security code to reset the password

In case you do not have access to the cell phone, you can try other reset methods that the security system follows.

Hack YouTube with Google password manager

Another strategy to hack a YouTube account in minutes is with Google's password manager. This option allows you to save user passwords to fill in the fields automatically and log in.

If you have access to the victim's device/computer, you can log in and browse until you find the YouTube password. For further understanding, let's look at the step-by-step:

  • Access the Google password manager
  • Explore the options in the manager until you find the password of the email affiliated with YouTube or the account of the video platform.
  • The password will be hidden click the show password icon
  • Finally, log in to the YouTube account.

An easy strategy where you can hack YouTube without having to download special programs or apps.

Simple Tips to Hack YouTube

If you still do not get a platform to hack a YouTube account, we propose some programs or apps to meet your goals in minutes.

Installing a Keylogger

One of the best ways to hack a YouTube account is to install a Keylogger on the victim's computer. This malware, once activated and placed on the computer, manages to stay in the background, recording any activity on the victim's keyboard that is infested with it.

From there, you can start learning all your passwords. Our best advice to hack a YouTube account is to install, on its platform you will find detailed tutorials on how to apply this tool to get a YouTube password.

Using a Trojan virus

One of the riskiest alternatives to hack a YouTube account, but it is useful, first of all, we recommend you to be careful not to infect your computer with a virus that you can not control.

It is suggested that this alternative is used by users who know how to encrypt viruses. The advantages of using a Trojan virus are:

  • Know the victim's credentials
  • Be able to read your conversations
  • Accessing YouTube goes unnoticed

Trojans can sneak into the victim's device via direct download files such as email presentations, Word documents, PowerPoint, and even web pages.

Using Sniffers

Finally, we recommend using Sniffers to hack YouTube, these are programs that analyze all the traffic that passes through the router, including the passwords of any social network, whether email, Facebook, Twitter, among others.

For this method, it will be necessary to have knowledge of the use of this type of program, because advanced configurations must be executed.

We hope that these tools and strategies to hack a YouTube account will be useful and you can enter the profile of the victim user. Remember to be responsible in using these strategies to avoid legal charges.

Spy on your victim to hack YouTube

Are you interested in accessing YouTube unauthorizedly? One strategy that could have advantages involves obtaining personal information by taking advantage of browser capabilities and Google resources.

Hack YouTube from the Wi-fi browsing log

Manage to Hack another's YouTube account by logging a Wi-Fi network's browsing This is when the information stored in the Wi-Fi router is used while a user browses the web.

Typically, the Wi-Fi router will keep a record of all the pages viewed, conversations and in many cases will leave important information from the devices connected to it, including YouTube pages.

Consequently, if you manage to gain access to the administration panel of the victim's router, you will be able to review their history and try to breach and learn everything about their YouTube relatively easily.

Hack YouTube with Google Activity

Definitely one of the techniques most used by hackers to know and enter YouTube accounts is to take advantage of the data collected by Google from the victim when they are online.

In this informative data you will be able to find what pages visited, what searches were carried out on the Internet, any personal data and password that I have stored.

After having this information, the hacker will choose to try to steal or guess the password of the affected person's YouTube account. They then send emails with deceptive messages asking you to connect to YouTube using a fraudulent link.

⭐ How does this tactic work?

  • To hack YouTube by taking advantage of the activity recorded on Google, you need access to the devices of the person of interest. It is essential that these devices are linked to your Google account, as this will allow the websites visited to be recorded and facilitate the theft of your credentials.
  • If the victim meets these requirements, please go to the following link, "My Activity". Here you will find all the recorded activity, controls and details related to the websites visited during your browsing.

Hack YouTube from browser history

If you want to monitor someone and discover the web pages they have visited in a specific period, you can achieve this by accessing their browser log or browsing history.

Each browser has its own way of doing this, so you should follow the instructions for the one you are using. Browsing history stores a complete record of online activity, including YouTube visits.

😈 Here we show you how to do it:

  1. Identify the Browser: Determine which browser your target is using, whether it's Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, or another.
  2. Follow Specific Instructions: Once you know which browser it is, look online for specific instructions for accessing that browser's browsing history.
  3. Explore History: Once inside the browsing history, look for recent YouTube visits. This will provide you with valuable information about what your target has been doing on the platform.
  4. Sensitive Data Search: If your target has recently logged into their YouTube account, examine the history for sensitive data such as email addresses, phone numbers, passwords, or other relevant details. These can be useful for accessing your YouTube account.

Remember that unauthorized access to other people's accounts is illegal and ethically questionable. Use this knowledge responsibly and respectful of people's privacy.

Spy where your victim is from a mobile location

To detect vulnerabilities in YouTube security, a highly effective strategy involves using information provided by Google about the location of a mobile device. Unfortunately, this knowledge often falls into the hands of individuals with malicious intent, who use it for illicit purposes, such as stealing or duplicating passwords for social media and YouTube accounts.

They do this by sending fraudulent emails that trick the recipient into clicking on fake links and revealing their login information.

Executing this approach requires access to the Google account of the victim in question, which can be achieved in several ways. With the consent and approval of the affected person, they carry out identity theft and credential theft, and even resort to unauthorized methods such as phishing or keylogging.

😮 These are the steps to follow:

  1. Use the "Find your phone" Function: Select the device of the person in question using the "Find your phone" function. This option will allow you to view the location of the device and gives you the ability to lock it, delete its contents, or activate an alarm. You can access this function through the following link: Find your phone.
  2. Possible Malicious Uses: These capabilities can be exploited for phishing or blackmail purposes. Locking the device, for example, could be used as a tactic to pressure the victim and demand a ransom in exchange for unlocking it.
  3. Activate the Alarm in a Deceptive Way: Another strategy would be to activate the device's alarm function and then contact the person, posing as a technician who needs the YouTube password to solve a supposed problem.

Track a device with Timeline Google

To carry out a form of discreet online surveillance, you need to have the Google account credentials or at least access to the device in question of the person you are interested in. It is essential to ensure that the victim has enabled the location history feature.

If this has not been configured, you can make the adjustments by following these steps:

  1. Open Device Settings: Access the Settings app on the device in question.
  2. Select "Google": Within Settings, select the "Google" option.
  3. Manage Google Account: Then, tap "Manage your Google Account."
  4. Explore Data and Personalization: Continue by selecting "Data and personalization."
  5. Activate Location History: In the "Activity & Timeline" section, choose "Location History" and enable this feature.

Once location history is enabled, you can track your device using the "Timeline" feature. The process is simple:

  • 📍 Access "Your timeline."
  • 📍 Select the day you want to consult on the calendar.
  • 📍 You will get a map that shows in detail the places visited and the routes taken.

Any location you find or appear on the map can be selected to access additional information, such as photos, reviews or directions. Additionally, you have the ability to edit or delete any record according to your preferences. This way, you will be able to observe your target's movements discreetly, without raising suspicions.

Security recommendations to avoid a YouTube hack

In today's digital age, online security is of utmost importance, and that includes protecting your YouTube account from potential hacks. Here we offer you a series of key recommendations to keep your account safe and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

  1. First of all, it is essential to have a strong and unique password for your YouTube account.
  2. Avoid using passwords that are easy to guess, such as birth dates or common words.
  3. A strong password should contain a combination of upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and special characters.
  4. Additionally, enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) is a very effective additional security measure. With 2FA, even if someone knows your password, they will need a second factor of authentication, such as a code generated on your phone, to access your account.
  5. Never share your password with anyone and avoid using obvious passwords, such as "123456" or "password." Keep a watchful eye for suspicious links and unknown files, as they could be used to compromise your account. If something seems strange, check before clicking.
  6. Finally, be sure to keep your software, including your browser and operating system, up to date. Updates typically include security fixes that protect your device against potential online threats.

Remember that account hacking is illegal and can have serious legal consequences. By following these recommendations, you can help keep your YouTube account safe and protected from online threats.


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