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Hack Tinder Easy
Explanation to Hack Tinder from a cell phone
  1. Share the profile and Copy your victim's username
  2. Go to
  3. Paste your victim's username into the user's Tinder box or link
  4. Finally, hit Hack.


Tinder is a very popular network nowadays, being the most used to find a partner or someone to hang out with. However, its fame and the use that it is given, has aroused the interest of many users to hack Tinder..

Who is that person talking to? Who do you match with? Who do you like? If you want to learn how to hack a Tinder account, or know the methods to keep your account safe from hacks, this article is ideal for you.

How to hack Tinder: Step by Step

You should know that there are different methods to hack Tinder for free, although you should be careful, since many pages promote methods that are not very secure or that really do not work.

I will teach you the most popular ways to hack a Tinder user, so you can decide which one is right for you. Starting with a very simple method, which you can access through this website.

1. Find the person's Tinder username

  • The first thing you should do is search for the username of your victim.
  • Write it correctly in the search engine that you will see on this website.

2. Hack the Tinder account

  • Verify that it is the correct user, the name and profile photo will appear.
  • If everything is ok, click on the "hack" button.
  • It may take a few minutes to finish the process.

3. Download the username and password of the Hacked Tinder account

  • You will have to follow some of the options to download the password.
  • Share the link that indicates you with your friends, or proceed to carry out a small survey.
  • Once the steps are completed, you can download the data and log into Tinder.

How to Hack Tinder easy?

One of the easiest ways to hack Tinder is through applications or programs, as is the case with MSpy. There are also other alternatives that we will show you below:

Hack Tinder with MSpy

This app allows you to monitor and supervise Tinder, in its different versions. You can read their conversations, spy on their likes and matches. You can know all the activity of the account, including the date and time of the shared messages.

To download MSpy you need to enter its official website, and obtain the premium package. There are different options depending on what you need. It is very easy to use as it is compatible with Android / IOS. It also has a desktop version to spy on Tinder on PC.

  • Spy on conversations: the first "conversations" tab shows the entire list that the user has maintained, specifying the date and time of the last message. You can spy on each of the matches by pressing it.
  • User configuration: where you can access the user's search preferences, in terms of age, gender, search range and location.

Hack Tinder with IkeyMonitor

Another less popular option to hack Tinder, but that still works perfectly, is ikeymonitor. It differs from MSpy in its approach, as it has been used for security purposes by parents seeking to protect their children.

This app allows you to spy on Tinder in a very similar way to MSpy, but it is more intrusive, by allowing you to send information via email, or take screenshots of Tinder when requested from its configuration.

Its function of capturing or sending notification, is considered really useful to monitor cyberbullying.

Hack Tinder with Xploits

An xploits is a clone page, created in order for the user to enter the account data. To do this you need:

  • Enter an xploit page that allows generating a ghost link.
  • A good alternative is
  • In optional URL, enter the official Tinder page, in this case This is where the person will be redirected when clicking on the link.
  • Select the language, and leave the other options as default.
  • When generating link, you will see two links. One with the page that you must send to the victim, and another where you can access the registry, where the Hacked Tinder accounts will be.

How to hack Tinder without surveys?

Although they are not as effective or popular, there are a couple of methods that allow you to hack Tinder without completing surveys to download the information. These methods consist of the use of third-party programs, or the browser's history (in case the victim is a close acquaintance).

Hack Tinder with Keylogger

A keylogger is a program that keeps a record of all the data entered on a computer or device. In this way, the access data to the social network is obtained without major complications.

  • You will need to install a Keylogger software and run it.
  • Then by clicking on the start button, it will begin to keep a record and identify the application where the keystrokes were made.
  • The keylogger needs to be installed on the victim's PC or device, and this is usually done by means of a program.

Hack Tinder with Browser

The best way to hack Tinder with the browser, and without the need to complete surveys, is through the browser. You should only enter the password history of the PC, as long as the person has previously entered their username from your browser. If a person is trustworthy, it shouldn't be too difficult to accomplish this step.

Hack Tinder with Phishing

Phishing comprises a series of techniques that seek to deceive and manipulate the person into revealing confidential information. It is often used to steal all kinds of data, such as the password for the Tinder account.

To hack Tinder with Phishing you must impersonate a trusted person or company, communicating with your victim by email or any contact network. Using an "official communication" for the user to reveal their data, or enter from a trap link where the password record remains.

This technique comprises the following steps:

  • Forgery of a company or trusted entity.
  • Communication by mail.
  • The user trusts the link and enters it.
  • Access your account through this link, thus stealing your access data.

How to hack Tinder with the cell phone?

The best way to hack Tinder with your cell phone is through the applications that we have mentioned above. Since they are compatible with iOS and Android, you will not have any problem.

Hack Tinder with referrals or surveys

The methods to hack Tinder usually have surveys or referral systems, since this confirms that it is a real user who makes the request, and that it is not a robot. This prevents the system from collapsing with requests.

You just have to complete the option you choose and the data will be unlocked so you can do it. Follow the step by step indicated at the beginning of the post.

Hack Tinder with The Spybubble

It is an application with a paid subscription, which stands out for being a great spy on all popular social networks and messaging services such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook and Tinder. With its geo-fencing function, boundary zones can be configured, with alarms included in case the person leaves the area.

It is a very effective hacking tool, with more than 25 functions and compatible with all operating systems.

With The Spybubble you can hack Tinder from your cell phone, but not only this, its functions are more advanced and will make it easier for you to hack into other social networks.

Hack Tinder with Spyera

Spyera is a monitoring application for cell phones, tablets and computers. It uses keylogger technology to record all keystrokes made from the cell phone screen, or on the computer.

With this app you can have access to the files stored on the device, as well as the text messages through the different networks. In addition, it offers geolocation and remote uninstallation of the application without having to access the cell phone again.

It is a quick option to hack Tinder, however, it is not free, so I recommend using our online script.

How to hack Tinder Online?

It is possible to hack Tinder online with one of the following methods:

Hack Tinder with the website

The tool that is available on our website is characterized by its speed and simplicity. It is a free code that you can use online to obtain the access data of a Tinder account.

You just have to enter the profile or user of the victim and wait a few minutes until the download is available.

Hack Tinder with Chrome

If the person has entered from Chrome on your computer, or you have access to their PC. You can access your data in the following way:

  • Enter settings, in the "autocomplete" menu, enter "passwords".
  • You will see all the passwords and users saved on the PC. Being able to reveal the saved password.

Hack Tinder with referral system

You can hack Tinder Online through the referral system, it is very simple and easy to do. Start by copying and pasting your victim's username in the web browser, click on the hack button and wait for the script to do its job.

Then, you must follow the following steps:

  • Copy the link that appears in the referrals section.
  • Share with 5 friends and ask them to enter the link.
  • Once all 5 people have entered, you will have access to the download file with the password. As simple as that!

Is it possible to hack Tinder without programs?

Hacking Tinder without programs is not possible in every sense of the word, in reality, you can violate the security of the account if you have access to the computer, as we taught previously. But tools are always required for greater efficiency, as is the case with xploits, keyloggers, or web pages designed for this.

Tips to prevent your Tinder from being hacked

To say goodbye, we leave you some tips that will be useful to increase the security of your Tinder account, and not be a victim of some hacking methods:

  • Only access your account through the official app or the original Tinder page, never complete access data through third-party links, as it may be an xploit. These links are generally longer or have unusual characters.
  • Never trust unknown programs, downloading a program with an unknown credential or doubtful origin can cause a virus to be installed.
  • Modify your passwords every 3 months approximately, for greater security.
  • Activate all Tinder security methods. In general, these networks have tools such as trusted device, security codes, etc.
  • Surely you have noticed that most of the pages ask to create a complex password, made up of combinations of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters. Doing so will increase the security of your account, never use names, surnames, identity documents or information that is very obvious.
  • Do not share your PC user with anyone, always keep a user intended for guests or outsiders, in this way you will prevent them from being able to access your information stored inadvertently.
  • Buy an antivirus or antimalware, the free antivirus are usually not as effective as the premium versions. This will help you keep your computer protected from any Trojan horse or virus that they want to use to hack you.
  • Always check the sender's email carefully when it comes to important emails. They tend to have strange extensions or that do not match the official ones of the companies. No serious or responsible company will ask you for personal data through an email or social network.

Thank you for your visit! Do not forget to leave us your comment if it has worked correctly for you. By following the steps you can hack Tinder quickly and safely.


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